Nano-Foliar Fertilizers

Nano-nutrition to achieve balanced crops. Plant nutrition products by Agronanotech lead to the perfect synergy between macro and nano elements that combined with organic substances, allow a more efficient nutrient uptake.

We develop products that contain biomimetic nanoparticles to be used in foliar fertilization of intensive and extensive crops.

Our portfolio has the BioNano version of the elements: Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Copper, Iron, Boron, among other elements.

Nano-Supplements for Nutritional deficit

When it comes to handling nutritional deficiencies, at Agronanotech we develop specific liquid Nano-supplements for unique or combined elements to be used both in soil and plant to improve overall status. 

The use of a specific chelating agent in the formulation process, make these products the perfect nano-element suppliers that are easily absorbed and assimilated by the tissues, ensuring the correct functioning of the plant physiological and metabolic processes. We have BioNano supplements of Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, and their combination.

We invite you to read our Technical Guide on the effect and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in crops.

Seed Nano-Nutrition

NANOSEED FORT a product based on BioNano Manganese in combination with micronutrients that were specifically selected to use with the professional or in Farm seed treatment.

It is compatible with commercial inoculants and other phytosanitary treatments. 

Nodulation Nano-Enhancer

NANORHIZO FIX is a state-of-the-art product based on biomimetic nanoparticles that were developed to enhance the rhizobia-legume symbiosis.

The combined use of our product with the inoculant at the moment of the seed treatment, increases the development in number and weight of nodules as well as the nitrogenase activity. These effects translate into a more efficient use of nitrogen and higher crop yields.

Nano-Foliar Probiotics

NANO-NUTRACEUTICAL an exclusive product based on lysates of beneficial microorganisms and biomimetic nanoparticles. It is a product of natural origin with active biological properties, beneficial for plant health and with preventive and/or therapeutic action against biotic and abiotic stresses.

For foliar spray treatment in extensive and intensive crops.

Germination Nano-Accelerator

NANO STARTER is a product designed and developed to treat seeds to induce and accelerate the germination process, improving vigor, uniformity of emergence and root development. 

Formulated with BioNano Zinc in combination with other microelements that stimulate the health and initial development of the crop.